What can a BotVida virtual website agent do for you?

You spend time and money building your website, maintaining it, and marketing it. People come to your website and then what? – There are thousands of business owners in your region doing the same thing you’re doing. What sets you apart?

Look back to the first tradeshow you ever attended, and as you walked by the booths, think of the ones that made you stop.

Your website is a booth on the web. By renting a custom BotVida Virtual Website Agent for your website, you will provide a 24/7 attendant that will help your users navigate your website and find information faster, thus increasing the chances of a conversion, regardless of the time-of-day.

When users come to your website and are not impressed or engaged within the first 10 seconds, they leave. This produces a “bounce” in your analytics. A high bounce rate means people walk in and leave without converting. At this point, your website is useless. With BotVida on your site, it is like walking into a store and having a personal attendant telling you exactly where everything is, yet never bothering you.

The process is simple and affordable